E-Commerce has bloomed over the years and is one of the fastest-growing domains in the online world. Masters of Vocation (E-Commerce) course aims at developing skills to cater to various technology-enabled innovations like digital payments, hyper-local logistics, analytics-driven customer engagement, and digital advertisements.

2-Year Master’s Degree Programme in 4 semesters, encompassing the most upcoming areas include Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, E-Commerce Technologies, Web Analytics, E-Logistics, Digital Entrepreneurship supported by Industry Level Internship and Projects.

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B. Voc (Data Science) is the study of where information comes from, what it represents and how it can be turned into a valuable resource in the creation of business and IT strategies. It is a 3 year undergraduate course comprises 6 semesters. It focuses on Computer Science/IT, Machine Learning, Math and Statistics & Traditional Research.

A Data Scientist requires an integrated skill set spanning mathematics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, databases and optimization along with a deep understanding of the craft of problem formulation to engineer effective solutions.

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The term Electronic commerce (or E-Commerce) refers to the use of an electronic medium to carry out commercial transactions. It is a 3 year undergraduate course comprises 6 semesters.

Digital marketing for ecommerce businesses is extremely effective to catch attention and convert prospects to customers. With a combination of various tools and strategies, you can attract prospective customers. It includes E-mail Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Quora Marketing, PPC, Adsense Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc.

Programme Outcome:
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge needed to develop start-up businesses
  • Exercise practice-oriented teaching based on case studies and real-world examples
  • Key skills on strategic decisions, regarding innovation and technology management,
  • How to leverage new models in business and e-commerce to increase profitability
  • Successful social media and digital marketing techniques
  • Real-world application of digital marketing and e-commerce methods
  • How to market yourself and your products more effectively & efficiently
  • Gain an understanding on the importance of security, privacy, and ethical issues as they relate to E-Commerce

Future Specialization –

  • M.Sc. IT/CS
  • MCA
  • MBA
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3 year degree course in 6 semesters, instruct you on the fundamentals of Programming Languages, Computer Networks, NMST, DBMS, Graphics, Data Structure etc.

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