List of Papers

Sr No. Paper Title (Author) Page No.
1. Cross – Sectional Study on Job Satisfaction and its Related Factors among Physicians Working in Punjab Health Systems Corporation (PHSC) in Punjab, India
Paramveer Singh, Dr. Amarjit S. Sidhu, Dr. Gurpreet Randhawa
2. Examining the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunication Sector
Dr. Robin Kaushal, Dr. Meenu Singla ©, Dr. Jai Parkash
3. Digital Payment Acceptance at Small Scale Retail Outlets: An Empirical Analysis
Madhvi Julka, Dr. Harinder Singh
4. Sovereign Wealth Funds: Are SWFs a way to salvation?
Emre Guden, Dr. Pooja Lekhi
5. A Comparative Study of Exports and Imports between United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government and National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government in India
Sagar Kumar Bhikhalal Thakkar, Dr. Ashvinkumar H. Solanki
6. Online Banking Frauds and Necessary Preventive Measures
Dr. Kamal Nain Sharma, Ankit Kala
7. An Analytical Study of Key Share Performance Ratios in Selected Public Sector Banks
Ajmera Tushar Rameshbhai, Dr. Ashvinkumar H. Solanki
8. Post COVID Strategies adopted by Hospitality Industry in India
Himanshu Sood
9. Indian GAAP and Ind AS - A Study with Respect to Presentation of Financial Statements
Dr. Ruchi H. Desai, Prin. Dr. Ashish K. Desai
10 A Conceptual Study on Women Workers in Gig Economy in India
Sakshi Sardana, Gaurav K. Mangar,Dr. Monika Hanspal
11 A Review Paper on Factors Affecting Investor’s Investment Decisions
Isha Tiwari,Dr. Surya Bhushan Tiwari
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