Concluding Day of ASMUN

Jalandhar, July 28, 2019: On the concluding day of ASMUN, the delegates were not only honoured but also praised for their efforts and hard work they had put for the successful completion of the event. The 9 committees of ASMUN were formed which included – UNODC (United Nation Office on Drug Control), AIPPM (All India Political Parties Meet), PVS (Punjab Vidhan Sabha), UNCSW (United Nation Commission of the Status of Women), DISEC (Disarmament and International Security), IP (International Press), Marvel Vs. DC Continuous Crisis Committee, OOTP (Order of the Phoenix) and CCS (Cabinet Committee of Security).

The committees discussed various topics such as drug addiction, women security, Indo Pak relations, environmental protection aids, economy affected due to territory, analysis of Indian economy at international level and role of youth in politics. The delegates put forth arguments and counter arguments and came at the conclusion that till the moment, education and self-moral values are not enhanced in human beings, the things will not get better. They need to work themselves to construct a society of their dreams. During ASMUN, a marvelous classical performance and melodious songs by the band was performed.

College Principal, Dr Sucharita Sharma expressed her views on ASMUN and said that such events enlighten students about the crucial issues. Chairman, Gautam Seth, ASMUN, honoured the delegates with certificates and inspired the students to keep participating in future as well. Secretary, Diksha Puri, ASMUN, presented the vote of thanks and thanked everyone for their co-operation and dedication throughout.

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