6 Day Workshop by Department of Dance

Jalandhar, September 6, 2019: The Department of Dance organised a 6 day workshop focusing mainly on CHHAU, Yoga with Dance and Contemporary Dance Forms. The Resource Person was Mr Kuleshwar Kumar Thakur, a renowned artist of international level who has earned name and fame not only within the country but has also marked his fame internationally @ U.K., America, Georgia, Brazil, Srilanka and 25 other countries. He taught the students various steps of these Dance forms and put forth that right expressions are the primary step for acing this art and if the body is flexible then it adds cherry to the cake.

College Principal, Dr Sucharita Sharma, put forth her views said that the way Performing Arts is being promoted and enhanced nationally and internationally, it becomes really important for the students to get hand on such new forms with innovation. She added if our students would learn from such renowned internationally famed artists then undoubtedly they would excel in any competition. She appreciated the enthusiasm of students and the efforts of Dr Micky Verma, Department of Dance, for successfully organising the Workshop.

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