Final Day of Mega Theatre Festival

Jalandhar, Sep 3, 2019: On the last day of Mega Theatre Festival organised at Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar, in collaboration with NZCC, the artists of The Theatre World, Amritsar, enacted a play ‘Aadhe Adhure’ – directed by Pawel Sandhu and written by Mohan Rakesh.

On this day, Mr Vijay Shayer, Department of Theatre, presided over the function as the Chief Guest. College Principal, Dr Sucharita Sharma, welcomed him warmly and expressed delight on the presence of such an eminent figure like him who is not only an established poet but has directed several plays & street plays as well. She also expressed her gladness that it is due to Prof Saubhagya Vardhan, Director, NZCC, that our College got the opportunity to be a part of such a mega Theatre Festival - one of its kinds.

The play ‘Aadhe Adhure’ portrayed imperfect relationships. The story revolved around the discontented woman of middle age who was in the dire need of looking for completeness gets so agitated that it cost her much more than expected. On the other hand, the life of other members was also shown who too lived a discontented life. The play highlights that when it comes to relationships we should accept both positive and negative shades of a person otherwise the families could never go hand in hand and in the dire need of having everything we would lose what we have.

Persona in the Play -

Name in Play

Real Name

Various Characters

Pawel Sandhu


Kajal Sharma

Elder Daughter - Binni

Gazal Jattu

Younger Daughter - Keeni

Sarita Sumbaria

Son - Ashok

Naveen Verma


Harinder Sohal

Music Operator

Ashish Sharma


Vipin and Deepak Sharma


Vishu Sharma

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