Lavanya 2020

New Delhi, Feb 26, 2020: 70 designers and model students of Department of B.Design of Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar, showcased a beautiful Fashion Show ‘Lavanya’ on the theme ‘Fashion is for everyone’. Without doubt, it succeeded in establishing the new parameters of fashion in the glamorous fashion world.

Through Lavanya 2020, they strongly put forth the idea that to wear designer clothes, one does not need to have necessarily a typical model like physique and looks but a simpleton person can also attract attention and appreciation wearing these clothes. Even pregnant women can feel more confident about themselves wearing these clothes. These clothes, on one hand, reflected the unity in diversity of India and on the other, also demonstrated sensitive social issues. In all, 9 rounds were executed by designer and model students.

Name of Rounds


Aquae Viventis

This collection was inspired from marine life.

Vandana & Parul Arora

This collection was inspired from menstruation which is a symbol of strength, purity and fertility.

Khushboo Arora & Kirandeep Kaur
Mystic L’ Vigor

This collection was inspired from the dark world of supernatural.

Jahnvi Kapoor & Navkiran Kaur
Slubs ‘n’ Clubs

This collection was inspired from beautiful Kullu wear.

Parneet Arora & Neharika Arora
Athasi Ghat

This collection was inspired from Ghats of River Ganga.

Vanshika Jain & Sarthak Sodhi
Cirque La Vista

This collection was inspired from circus which represents happiness and joy.

Muskan Arora

This collection was inspired from Islamic architecture and lifestyle.

Rajbir Kaur
Hakuna Matata

To empower the pregnant women.

Students of Fashion Design (Semester 6)

The collection showcases all elements of earth being affected by the evil force of plastic.

Students of Fashion Design (Semester 4)

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