Building Resilience amid COVID-19

Jalandhar, June 19, 2020: The Department of Fashion Makeover and Home Science organised a webinar on ‘Building Resilience amid COVID-19: Health and Wellness’. The eminent speakers who enhanced the webinar included Dt Sunita Malthotra (Chief Dietician & Head-Department of Dietetics, PGI, Chandigarh), Dr Cheenam Bhatia Saund (Senior Dietician), and Dr Kawaljeet Kaur (Dental Surgeon and Diet Counsellor).

College Principal, Dr Sucharita Sharma, welcomed them and put forth that amidst this COVID-19 crisis balanced diet is really important as it will help in making the immune system stronger which is the only way to fight this pandemic. Suggestions from the experts and dieticians not only helped students and faculty members but also the larger public who connected via Facebook.

Dt Sunita Malthotra shared her views with the audience and said that whereas on one hand, these days with stress, anxiety, irregulars schedule and intake of meals, lesser physical activities have made our immune system weaker and on the other hand, the stronger immune system is the only way to fight this pandemic. She suggested that eating dry fruits, mindful eating and general hygiene can help humans to prevent themselves from this virus.

Dr Cheenam Bhatia Saund put forth that while stressing out in today’s time, people tend to eat more of chocolates, chips, etc. which leads to obesity. She suggested healthy vegetable snacks and milk with turmeric to be the most proper thing to consume these days. She also added that junk food should be avoided at any cost these days.

Dr Kawaljeet Kaur put forth that along with balanced diet which keeps our health on the right track, it is utmost necessary to take care of our mental health as well. Anxiety and stress need to ease out and for this meditation, yoga, proper sleeping hours along with 7-8 glasses of water per day will be beneficial.

The eminent speakers also agreed on the point that every food should be consumed in a limited way as excess of anything will work against us and the regular consumption of sweets is definitely not good for our health.

Dr Sucharita Sharma congratulated the organisers and appreciated their efforts.

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