Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights and Education Sector

Jalandhar, June 22, 2020: The Intellectual Property Rights Cell of Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar, organised a Webinar on ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Education Sector’ in which Ms Srividya Vutha was the Resource Person from Mumbai. The In-charge of the Intellectual Property Rights Cell and Convener of the Webinar, Ms Supreet SJ Talwar, shared with the audience that there is a huge improvement in India’s rank in the Global Innovation Index. From its earlier rank at 81, it has come up to rank 57 in the recent years. Ms Talwar said that ‘Make in India’ project has leveraged India’s position and made it the ‘Innovation Hub’ of the World.

Ms Srividya stated that it is important for everyone in the Education sector to be familiar with the basics of Intellectual Property Rights. Various faculty members posed questions related to patents and copyrights and if copyright was mandatory for research. Students also posed questions related to limitations and exceptions to copyrights, ownership of a work, the expenditure incurred for a copyright and the copyright entitlement if it was a work done with teacher’s assistance.

In response to the question regarding copyright entitlement of a Doctorate thesis, the Resource Person said that the copyright would be of the research scholar as well as the University from where the Doctorate had been done.

Dr Sucharita Sharma, College Principal, while expressing gratitude to the Resource Person and commending the work of the Intellectual Property Cell under Ms Supreet S J Talwar, stated that it is important for the students and faculty to be aware of the various facets of Intellectual Property Rights in the highly digital world of today.

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