Guru Purnima Celebration

Jalandhar, July 4, 2020: Guru Purnima was organised in Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar, to celebrate the sacred bond between a teacher and a student. Dr Anjana from the Department of Hindi started the programme giving illustrations from the lives of great teachers to explain how the teacher-student relationship has always been considered a pious and spiritual one.

Dr Amita Mishra from the Department of Music Vocal offered a tribute to her own Guru, Dr Shankar Lal Mishra from Indore Gharana. She said that the role of a Guru in the life of the student is one of the most important ones and it is the Guru who is the creator of a successful life of a student.

Dr Vivek Verma also from the Music Department said that time and circumstances are also great teachers and we can witness how the role of teachers has changed in the times of pandemic. He sang Saraswati Vandana and saluted his father and guru, Dr Chaman Lal Verma, a renowned musician from Patiala and Kirana Gharana. Dr Sucharita Sharma, Principal of the College, said that no one can replace a teacher in the life of a student.

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