Teacher’s Day 2020

Jalandhar, Sep 4, 2020: On the eve of Teacher’s Day, Mrs Sushma Paul Berlia, President, Apeejay Stya and Svran Group addressed the entire teaching fraternity of Apeejay. Her words were full of praise, appreciation, and encouragement for her staff which in her words are fully dedicated, sincere, and commendable in their work.

This was a historic moment for the entire fraternity of Apeejay that all of them had connected on one platform in all more than five decades of its establishment.

Mrs Berlia expressed that she felt privileged to be a part of such moments, to be amongst Apeejayites.

She added that here at Apeejay we have always made extra efforts to keep ourselves updated and provide our students every opportunity to pursue quality education and this Covid-19 has done nothing but just cataloged us to keep ourselves charged every moment to face whatever comes our way.

She expressed her gratitude to each member of the Apeejay fraternity for making great efforts together and reaching a position where we are imparting students the kind of education they deserve. She put forth that everyone’s efforts are significant.

She added that during the virtual teaching days, the task of teachers has increased even further. Engaging students in the right manner where they have the option of joining and listening to the teacher on their own is not a simple task.She appreciated everyone for taking this as a challenge and putting forth their best efforts. On the eve of Teacher’s Day, she also highlighted the importance of the role of the teacher.

On this eve, she also remembered Dr Stya Paul Ji, Chairman of the Apeejay Education Society. She talked of his undying spirit which never got tired and faced every challenge of his life with his hard work and a courageous smile.

She also talked about the new National Education Policy and expressed her happiness that it goes mostly in ways what we at Apeejay believe because it stands on the base of the holistic development of students. She added we are ready for the new National Education Policy.

On this occasion, her children, Mr Nishant, Mr Aditya, and Ms Neha too addressed the gathering who are not only at the peak of their careers in different fields but also the proud alumni of Apeejay. All of them appreciated the energy of the College staff and congratulated them for their accomplishments and creating this historic moment. Ms Neha could not help but got reminded about her Apeejay memories and also spoke over how teachers play a crucial role for their students and contribute to their success. She even put forth that how the role of a teacher has been given more importance than god in our scriptures and all of us will do nothing but to live up to this role.

This historic moment was concluded with Mr Aditya Berlia’s words that hope all of us keep growing and keep moving on this path of quality education & success and future endeavours together for decades to come.

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