Webinar on Beauty and Skincare

Jalandhar, Nov 11, 2020: The Department of Fashion Makeovers organised a Webinar on ‘Beauty and Skincare: What’s behind the products?’ The resource person for the same was Ms Rajni Grover from Amritsar who is working as an Educational Technical Supportive team for Aroma Magic Private Limited Company, India.

The lecture largely focused on skin & hair care products and the ingredients in them. She focused on useful ingredients for skin & hair and their effect. During the workshop, students learned about aromatherapy-based products including skincare, haircare, essential oils & curative oils, and how the products are carefully blended to have a positive & healing effect on the mind, body, and soul. She focused on what we apply on our skin should be as natural and healing as what we eat. During the workshop, students came across various essential & massage oils and their benefits.

Ms Rajni interacted with students and answered their queries. She urged the young aspirants to follow a skincare routine which includes Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising, and Protection (CTMP) to have healthy skin. More than 35 students from the Department participated in the Webinar.

Dr Sucharita Sharma, Director, Apeejay Education Society, congratulated Ms Meenal, and the students for organising and participating in this workshop. She emphasised the need for practical education along with theoretical education.

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