ACFA organises Zumba Dance under Fit India Movement

Jalandhar, Aug 19, 2021: The NSS Wing of ACFA undertook an initiative to celebrate the 75th Independence Day by organising a series of events including a 1 km race and Zumba dance to mark ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ being celebrated by the Ministry of Culture as a part of ‘Fit India Movement’. Dr. Neerja Dhingra, Principal, ACFA, expressed her views on this auspicious occasion and said that the college has been actively running a series of events since January 2021 to inculcate the spirit of social awareness amongst students. Under the ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ series, the 1 km race and Zumba dance was the third activity organised by the NSS Wing. She said such programs inspire students to be fit physically on one hand and on the other hand, they make students emotionally attached to their motherland. Director of ‘Dream to Dance’, Sh. Vimal Passi guided the students and faculty for the Zumba dance.

Principal, Dr. Neerja Dhingra, appreciated the successful launch of the ‘Fit India Movement’ undertaken by the NSS Wing. She applauded the efforts of Dr. Simkee Dev, Dean, NSS, Dr. Harmandeep Singh, and Dr. Monica Bahri.

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