Guest Lecture on Changes in International Business Post Pandemic

Jalandhar, Oct 17, 2021: MAC Forum, Department of Commerce of Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar organised a Guest Lecture on ‘Changes in International Business Post Pandemic’. Mr. Ajit Kumar, Partner at Balke & Partners, Hong Kong, was the Resource Person for the same.

Addressing the students, he talked about how the pandemic has affected the World economy and drowned millions of people into hunger. He discussed the economic effects of COVID as a result of which China emerged as a World Leader. Even the super-powerful US was hit adversely by the pandemic and enabled China to take lead. Certain new trends could be witnessed in business fields since COVID. Artificial Intelligence and the use of technology have become dominant in every field. Investors are now more attracted to Cryptocurrency. The natural resources and commodity industry has picked up. Entertainment Industry and Online education are ditching the traditional forms and adopting new norms. IT Industry has gained the most from pandemic as work from home has proved to be the most effective and productive for them. He urged his gathering to be prepared for the post-pandemic time because it is going to stay for another couple of years and we need to adapt to the new normal.

Dr. Monika Mogla, HOD - Commerce, presented an official Vote of Thanks.

Principal, Dr. Neerja Dhingra opined that the students of Commerce should be made aware of the economy of the world. They should be conscious of rising and declining GDP. She appreciated the efforts of Dr. Monika Mogla, Dr. Aarti Verma, and Ms. Garima Arora for organising the Program.

Guest Lecture on Changes in International Business Post Pandemic
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