Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Placement Cell of College organized Disha

To build up the road to a successful career, Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Placement Cell of Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar organized an event named ‘Disha’. The programme was devoted towards Personality Development and Career Counselling of young aspirants. Mr. Ankit Pal Singh, Corporate Trainer, enlightened the august gathering as the Resource Person. He shared his views that the Youth of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh has great potential in terms of professional skills but it lacks the required confidence to move in a society. He said along with potential, it needs to stay focused on its aims and a strong desire can overcome any obstacle.

In this interactive session, the students of the College enthusiastically participated and shared their views on the common problems. Mr. Singh encouraged the youngsters to be always truthful towards their parents because they are the true well wishers in a person’s life so we don’t need to hide anything from them.

He also elaborated his views that a person who could not pay respect to his parents has no right to join crowds fighting against social evils. Another important aspect of professional career is motivation. Getting motivation is quite easy but staying motivated is the hardest thing. Successful career is a combination of rightful education, vision, skills, interests, values and goals.

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