Discussion on the Folk Arts of India

Jalandhar, July 05, 2022 : Our college organised a discussion on the Folk Arts of Punjab and other states of India. It was conducted by the PG Department of Fine Arts and focused on the important contribution needed in making the Fine Arts of India dear to the public, its protection and promotion.

In the discussion, Prof. Ram Viranjan, Dean of Visual and Performing arts of Kurukshetra University and Dr. Meenakshi, member of Fine arts department of Maharishi Dayanand University were present as the Resource Persons.

Prof. Ram Viranjan said that these classes remain alive only when they are passed on to future generations in their original form. He mentioned that the dedication and the enthusiasm with which ACFA is working for the protection, preservation and promotion of fine arts is the reason its name is a pioneer among the Fine Arts colleges of North India. Meenakshi Hooda while expressing her views said that in painting, sculpture and wall painting, the work of the college is the best.

Principal Dr. Neerja congratulated the audience and thanked both the resource persons for sharing their important ideas in the field of fine arts.

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