Seminar on 'Najam De Surmai Rang'

Jalandhar, October 11, 2022: A one-day seminar was organised by the Department of Punjabi on the topic 'Najam De Surmai Rang' where the renowned and celebrated author and Padam Shri recipient Dr. Surjit Patar was the chief speaker of the day.

Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra warmly welcomed Dr. Patar. She added, “it is an honour for the college and the students that we can listen to your celebrated and divine poetry live.” Padmashree Dr Surjit Patar, talked about his journey and expressed his happiness upon meeting the young talent and see the artefacts made by the students. He also sang some of his songs and answered their questions.

On this occasion, students who won in various competitions comprising Portrait making, Calligraphy and Poetry Composition organised by Department of Punjabi were awarded by Dr. Surjit Patar and Dr. Neerja Dhingra.

Shivam, a student of Department of Music mesmerised everyone by singing a folk song. The Principal highly appreciated the efforts of the faculty of Department of Punjabi for the immense success of the seminar.

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