A 2 year degree course in 4 semesters, with emphasis on the fundamentals of English Literature, Literary Genres viz. Poetry, Drama, Novel, Literary Criticism, Linguistics and Phonology, World Classics In Translation, Indian Writing in English and Post- Colonial Literature in relevant details by picking the most prominent author\s of the respective genre.

Published in Post Graduate Courses

Select any three optional subjects, not more than one from the following sets:

  • English, Hindi (Elective)
  • Fine Arts (Drawing & Painting), Sculpture, Economics
  • Psychology, Mathematics, Quantitative Techniques, History
  • Home Science, Physical Education, Computer Science
  • Political Science, Indian Classical Dance
  • Music Vocal, Music Instrumental, Philosophy
  • Psychology Honours- a two year programme for B.A. (II and III Year students)
Published in Graduate Courses
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